Raised in the South by a bevy of creative, green-eyed goddesses, Hayleigh Hatcher knows everything about fashion, music, and lifestyle. Her keen eye and impeccable taste landed her in New York City where she has spent the last 10 years collaborating with beauty industry royalty, models, designers, musicians, artists and TBH everyone else in between. 

Hayleigh believes the main point in life is to experience beauty. Through this philosophy she's become a master of transformation, creativity, and curation. Her playful spirit coupled with a deep love of music and performance led her to the world of DJing. Playing music for others allows Hayleigh to share the precious freedom that comes with singing and dancing.

An intuitive, Hayleigh's dedicated to personal growth and enlightenment. As a Hairstylist, her aim is self actualization leading to outward expression. Balance, proportion, and an intense attention to detail is the art behind her vision.